Press Release: READY.Market Launches with 15 Partners

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READY Robotics launches READY.Market, a robot agnostic online marketplace for manufacturers looking to accelerate their implementation of robotic automation.

READY.Market is a single resource manufacturers can use to research complete robotic automation solutions. Through extensive documentation, how-to and training videos at the READY.Academy[1], and detailed product listings, manufacturers can identify and select the components and suppliers needed to solve their manufacturing challenges.

COLUMBUS, OH – December 1, 2020 – Selecting the components needed to deploy automation can be a major barrier to robotic automation. To make automation more accessible to all manufacturers, READY Robotics has created a marketplace in partnership with leading providers of automation products. By enabling manufacturers to find the components needed to automate, the READY.Market empowers manufacturers to deploy automation on their own.

READY.Market, featuring products compatible with READY’s Forge/OS software[2], rapidly accelerates the implementation of complete automation solutions using robot arms from manufacturers such as Yaskawa, FANUC, and Universal Robots. The announcement of READY.Market is the first step in building a robust ecosystem for easy-to-use robotic solutions that work with any robot arm. 15 partners are live[3] on READY.Market today, and READY will continue to introduce complete robotic solutions, add additional partner products, and services through READY.Market.

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“Complete solutions for robotic automation can reduce the overhead of automating,  but they have typically been isolated to individual robot brands,” says Chris Swaim, Director of Strategic Partnerships at READY Robotics. “Forge/OS, provides an easy-to-use interface that unlocks the ability for end users and partners to access the full range of robot brands, sizes, and speeds. The result is that manufacturers can use the right robot for the right job when paired with READY’s Forge/OS software and partner products known to work together.  READY.Market simplifies the selecting of components and full-blown automation solutions.”

“Schunk is excited to bring our extensive portfolio of grippers, clamping, and workholding solutions to READY.Market,” says Cory Raizor, Sales Account Manager at Schunk. “READY’s Forge/OS software pairs well with our comprehensive product line allowing the customer to introduce any size of robot to the manufacturing floor.” 

Forge/OS is available today, and enables a partner ecosystem of compatible products that allow manufacturers to be more agile than ever using solutions that are easy to use, lower cost and faster to implement than traditional solutions. To learn more visit READY.Market[4], or for partnerships contact

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About READY Robotics

Founded in 2016, READY Robotics created Forge/OS, the first enterprise-grade operating system that controls robot arms from many top robot manufacturers, as well as the peripherals needed to make those robots productive in a real world environment. Through enterprise-grade software (Forge/OS), the first marketplace for automation (READY.Market), and an online automation learning platform (READY.Academy), READY makes it dramatically easier for factories to deploy robotic automation. READY is based in Columbus, Ohio.

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Erik Bjørnard

VP Marketing, READY Robotics

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